Story Time

From Austin to Denver

I wish I could tell you I had a brilliant story or reason behind my move to Denver. I only have a moderately interesting series of circumstances that lead me here. I made my first trip out here in January of 2015, my second trip was just two months later, by August of that year I started looking at purchasing a home out here without any real plan. To me it was a fun place with good potential for investment property and, well, why not?? After I had been outbid on four separate occasions, I had nearly given up hope and put the idea on the back-burner. In April of 2016, as I was driving out to Los Angeles from Austin my real estate agent called to let me know that my fifth home offer was accepted and I was finally on my way to owning a home in Denver. By June, I drove from Los Angeles to Denver, unrolled my mattress that was sitting in a box at my front door and began to set up shop in my new home. I rented the house out on Airbnb for two years while I traveled around the world for work and play but finally decided I need to slow down a little and make a real home base for myself. So here I am, creating roots in Denver, CO.

My back story : I was born and raised in Houston, TX but being literally the only person in my family with that background, I never felt a particular attachment to Houston outside of the people that I love that live there. I moved to the Austin area right after high school and lived there for ten years before I felt the itch to experience new places. I am so lucky to have a wedding photography business that allows me some location flexibility. I still go back to Texas often for weddings and have no issues with the constant traveling because not only is it in my blood, I still have a home there that is also rented out on Airbnb while I’m in Colorado. So basically, in my eyes, I have a dream job, the best of friends, an amazingly supportive family, and I get to travel back and forth to two super fun & inspiring cities. I am incredibly grateful.

With this blog, I am looking to embrace my new city to its’ fullest extent.

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