Story Time

Dating in Denver

I’ll start by saying that I am far from an expert at dating but to be fair, who is? (and who would want to be?) My back story, similar to most singles in their late 20’s/early 30’s, I was in a serious relationship during my more ‘formative’ dating years from 20-26 and as much as he and I still get along, oddly enough, it just didn’t work out. I needed to learn more about myself as an individual before committing myself to someone for life… and I think he needed it too. I went rogue for a few years while I traveled the world obsessively and had a couple (honestly terrible) long distance relationships along the way. I was in no way ready to really settle down but I still craved some consistent companionship and love, even if it was just from the phone. So here I am now, exactly one month away from 30, finally starting a more ‘adult’ life by staying in one city and going on dates with normal people, with homes and consistent jobs, that often times live within just a couple miles… Instead of incredibly emotionally unavailable guys in far away lands, guys from other countries, or guys that are on tour with Disney on Ice (true story). I am pretty selective when it comes to dating but I have experienced a lot over the last 3 years. Between my girlfriend Bobbie & I, we could write a novel of stories about first dates. Everything from the bad of guys insisting on a hook up in the first 3 messages, wanting to hear Bobbie’s scariest voice (wtf?), or getting so wasted they barely remember the date. There’s good in there too, like the great friends we’ve made through a first date encounter or making out on the top of a mountain after a good hike. I haven’t figured out the exact direction of My Denver Vibes yet but I am positive that it is going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride. Going on these dates is more than just finding a partner (honestly I’m still not ready for a relationship), it’s about establishing roots in a new city and experiencing the new people and things it has to offer. We say yes as often as we can, trying all the new places, meeting all the new people, and hopefully rocking the fuck out of Denver… figuring out the meaning of it all as we go.

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