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Bluebird Theatre & Kismet

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t, but it all serves a purpose in the end. Yesterday I crossed some wires in my brain and confused my dates causing me to either miss my flight to Minneapolis or miss my friend’s show at Bluebird Theatre. Thanks to a lot of persistence, my United gold status, 4 flight changes, and 2 phone calls to customer service, I ended up with the perfect flight allowing me to do both. My friend’s show was very important to me and making sure I upheld my plans with Bobbie was also very important to me. It feels like kismet that I didn’t have to make a choice.

Some of my fondest memories circulate around music. From my mother blasting opera to wake up me up as a child on the weekends (I hated it at the time), to music festivals, to my guitar/piano/bass/drum/voice lessons, and my 7 years spent in school choirs. I don’t consider myself a musician by any means but I do really enjoy karaoke still. 😉 I try to track down my friend David Ramirez’s shows but rarely do our schedules align, so I’m always stoked to see when our paths cross. We’re both from Houston and due to mutual friends, recognized each other at a bar on the east side of Austin once and despite our nomadic lifestyles, we have managed to stay in touch since. His music always spoke to me and in a cheesy sense, it felt like the stories could have been written about me. I fear making an attempt to describe his style won’t do him justice so I simply will encourage people to check him out independently.

Being a photographer, I’m incredibly aware of the lighting at shows and occasionally in awe of what the techs up in the booth are able to pull off. I try to take phone photos but, not only do I *try* to live in the moment when it comes to social media and events I attend, we all know that a photo with a real camera is going to be a million times better. After meeting Dan Fong, [*excerpt from Insta, “I sold one of my cameras on craigslist and the buyer just happened to be a badass live music photographer. Dan Fong doesn’t have an Instagram but he’s been photographing bands like Aerosmith, the Doobie brothers, and Led Zeppelin for 50 some odd years.”]… I was inspired to get out there and photograph more, including the things I am incredibly passionate about, even it means I’m not making money from it. So on a (drunken) whim, I asked David if I could snap some photos for fun at his show yesterday. Without question, he hooked me up with a photo/press pass. Despite my 10 years as a full time photographer, I can say that I learned a lot from photographing him last night. (ie. I forgot to get my pass and I was roaming around photographing longer than I was supposed to)… but oh well, how amazing to have a career where I am still constantly learning and growing?! Now I am writing from Minneapolis looking forward to an amazing dinner with one of my most inspiring friends. Everything is in its’ right place. <3


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