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Moving Forward

[if I had to have a photo on my dating application]

Well kittens, I’m back to square 1. [I feel like an episode of Sex & The City as I type this from a rural Texas hotel room that I’m in for work.] I am now accepting applications for exciting dates!! I haven’t actually pursued dating in what feels like years now (wondering if I ever actually pursued dating at all)… but after convincing someone I was emotionally unavailable over the summer then being devastated when he found someone else, I realized that I was ready to move past the trauma of my previous ex that wore me down to nothing. Let’s do this Denver!

omg… I forgot how to date I think. I’m pretty sure I’m awkward, I still eat cereal and milk in bed sometimes and will definitely listen to my new favorite song 5 times in a row. I don’t know at all how to talk to a guy I’m into but boy do I know how to strike up a conversation with an 89 year old grandma at a wedding! I think that counts for something at least… I can also sort of cook, I’m moderately clean, college educated (but really who cares about that), I work out sometimes, I’m well traveled, I own my own business, and I’ll definitely take your new linkedin profile photo for you. πŸ˜‰ I’m a little scarred but don’t worry I have a badass family and amazing friends that have patched me up as good as new and I’m ready to go.

I hate planning so ideally you can make this happen for me, I figure it’s all about the company so I’m not too concerned with what we’re up to but I am definitely partial to music and the arts. Bonus if you add in sushi & good wine! Ideally you’d have a drive to progress in life and a passion for something (almost anything?) that keeps you motivated. Hopefully you’re down to experience new things and see the world with me. Challenge me and call me out on my bullshit, I’ll be difficult sometimes but I love fiercely.

It’s easy to hate on that single life, grass is always greener amiright? but no sense in not owning every phase of my life that I can! I’m ready to enjoy the fuck out of meeting new people and getting boujee with new boys. πŸ˜‰

*not literally accepting dating applications* Considering this a symbolic gesture of entering the dating scene again. πŸ˜€


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