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My Relationship with Music

Any time someone asks for my favorite band, my answer never deviates from Radiohead.

I might not be able to find a relationship with another human but I have an extraordinary one with music and boy do we have history. It’s difficult to express how much I love music, although who doesn’t right? (Actually… random side note: A study recorded that 3-5% of people just don’t care for music at all, aka musical anhedonia. Which immediately eliminates them from my dating pool…) I digress! As I mentioned in my previous music post, I grew up with my mother blasting her favorite arias (opera pieces) at 7am every Saturday to wake me up. I started singing in choir as soon as I could around 10 years old and continued up until my first semester in college; I almost settled on minoring in music until I realized there wasn’t much point to it. I took lessons in piano, guitar, bass, & drums growing up. I never particularly excelled in any of them but the lessons allowed me to have a deeper appreciation for music in general.

Music brings out the emotions in me that I have a difficult time expressing otherwise. It is a different creative outlet when I feel overwhelmed from forcing creativity out of my photography. It wakes me up on long road trips, puts me to sleep when my mind can’t rest at night, & commiserates with me when I’m feeling down. It is truly the way to my heart. I am a show junky and would go to all of them if money was no object. To me, there is a time and place for almost any genre and I have created a many playlists that reflect this mentality, and if you’re really special to me, I’ve created one for you specifically.

A few of my more notable Spotify playlists :
VIBES : Always a current rotation of my favorite music that I can’t get enough of.
Country Roots : When I feel like going back to my Texas roots.
Reading : Seemingly obvious purpose but specifically music that is chill with little to no lyrics as to not distract me from the words on a page.
Club Blue : Nine hours of dance party.
and of course, Let Me Love you : For the after party.

For music in Denver, besides the obvious Red Rocks, Fillmore, and Ogden… Hosting different styles depending on the day, I also love, Meadowlark and Ophelia’s. The above photo was taken at Wax Trax Records, a solid place to find vinyl in Denver.

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