Hi, I’m Caroline.

Since receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Texas State University, I have been a destination wedding photographer for 10 years. I have been running all aspects of my business from taxes, marketing, website creation, employee management, client correspondence, and photography. I feel fortunate to be able to combine many of my passions into one career, particularly the business management, arts, and travel. I believe in career diversification and enjoy having a wide knowledge base of a little of everything to share with other businesses searching for ways to grow.

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas with family originating from California and Minnesota. After 10 years of living in the hill country I developed an itch to hit the road. In summer 2015 I set forth to travel the road nonstop, venturing to over 20 countries & 20 states in 2 years while managing 2 Airbnb properties. It was an adventure but I am now slowing down as I focus my energy back on my seasoned business of photography, my new business of helping others grow their ventures, as well as future real estate investment opportunities. I am now growing roots in a city I fell in love with along the way, Denver. I still travel frequently, often back to Texas for weddings but the more I’m away the more I miss my new home.