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Moving is hard // thanksgiving

I didn’t move to Denver with an ultimate purpose, or even a job at all. Similar to many I was simply looking for a change of scenery and Colorado scenery couldn’t be anymore different than Texas. So I bought a row home here 2.5 years ago without a clue as to what I would do with it. It was renting out so well that I decided to stay on the road for 2 more years before it became tiresome. I’m trying to make a new state my home and it is far more difficult to start from scratch than I ever imagined. I started here with 2 friends, one from Houston, one whose airbnb I stayed at years ago on my first trip to Denver. Luckily these two are wildly extroverted and charismatic boys who introduced me to some of my current favorite people. If I didn’t have this base to start from, I have no idea where I’d be now… probably back in Texas! We are all transplants trying to make a new place home.

I need to give far more credit to people that decide to leave their home, for college, work, or no reason at all, it is complicated! Although, friends have been so easy to make here, it helps that the people are amazing, I’m young, single, and live downtown. Being self employed and starting up a new business here is probably the most difficult aspect to the move. I do all the normal business activities a wedding photographer does during the week, editing, marketing, accounting (yay!), but all the photographing has been taking place outside of state. Which is also absolutely amazing but it would be pretty cool to snag some local gigs too. This all takes time and I’m not known for my patience unfortunately.

I’m sitting at home, alone, drinking coffee on Thanksgiving day reflecting on the crazy 6 months it has been calling this place my home. While this post has been sitting in a queue for weeks, I wanted to add a bit of gratitude…. I’m thankful that despite most of my friends going back home, or elsewhere, for the holiday, I have found someone to adopt me. I’m thankful for my amazing family that haven’t disowned me for missing a holiday, even though they refuse to come out here and see me! I’m thankful that I am healthy and have a career that I love. I’m one grateful girl today and I hope that everyone else has an amazing day <3

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